Why I am running for Congress…

It’s time to have a United States Congressman that’s good for the people of Indiana. I’m becoming a candidate for Congress to protect the United State Constitution and because Indiana resident’s want common – sense government and a level playing field for ordinary, hard working – citizens in the work place and in the community. The balance of power in this country has shifted away from the American people and has shifted toward Powerful Special Interest Groups. People want a leader that they can count on that will meet their every need and understand their concerns and how they relate to the issues and how those issues effect them, their families, workplace their very lives. People are tired of lip service and now want action. I am not a career politician I’m just an ordinary guy that lives in the 7th District with a past, since I have a past, I look towards the future. I hope since I am being open and honest with who I am and where I come from that you will give me the chance to prove what I can do for you the people that I love and care about. I love this great state of Indiana where I have lived my entire life of 48 years. I promise to serve you the people of the 7th District to the best of my ability and to never forget where I come from and who I was before you chose to give me your trust in this position as your Congressman. My promise to the citizen’s of Indiana is, too always hold you first in line and in thought when making those tough decisions and I promise to do my very best.


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